Are You Kidding Me?

Sepp Blatter’s contention that technology cannot be used in soccer because it cannot be applied at all levels of play is ludicrous.  It’s difficult to imagine that in the face of the multiple game-changing, blatantly incorrect calls in this year’s World Cup that FIFA won’t have replay in effect for 2014 qualifying… but FIFA is FIFA and Mr Blatter and company seem to prefer controversy on the subject to insuring justice on the field of play.

Technology has been successfully employed in virtually every other sport and is working effectively to right the wrongs of human error with little or no discernible negative impact on play.  Anyone who has watched Wimbledon this week, for example, has seen that today’s technology can instantly confirm whether a tennis ball lands in or out within a fraction of a millimeter.  There is no justifiable excuse for not implementing instant replay or goal line technology in soccer just as it has been implemented in hockey, football, basketball, tennis and baseball.

The fans want it, the players and teams want it, and I am sure that the referees want it.  No referee wants to be responsible for dashing the hopes of a nation or ruining a kids’ perfect game.  FIFA’s stated position that the game needs to be played the same at all levels is complete hogwash.  I don’t see a whole lot of similarities between World Cup matches and my Sunday league game or my kids’ AYSO and club games to begin with so, I for one, can certainly accept it if goal line technology is added to the list.  What should apply at all levels of play is that games should be won and lost by the players on the field of play and FIFA is standing in the way of that.  If a ball crosses over the goal line and bounces 2 feet behind the line for all the world (except a referee, referee’s assistant and fourth official) to see, a referee should be given the opportunity to get it right.

FIFA’s Statement

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