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Promotional merchandise aka “giveaways”, “premiums”, “swag” have long been a staple of professional sports teams.  According to a recent study by Sports Business Daily , the marquee player bobblehead or figurine may be as good in the clutch as the player himself.  Bobbleheads move the needle on MLB ticket sales last year producing an average increase of 12.70%!  Caps produced a 7% increase.  Other less widely used but highly effective items include blankets 21.20% increase and banners/pennants posting 15.60% increase

The top 10 merchandise promotions by volume

Rank Giveaway (no. of teams) No. of dates
1  Cap (28)
2 Bobblehead (23)
3 Shirt (20)
4 Backpack/bag (25)
5 Magnetic schedule (29)
6 Jersey (19)
7 Poster (9)
8 Figurine (14)
9 Lunch box/school supplies (12)
10 Calendar (16)


While generating ticket sales and filling seats may be the primary objective for many promotions; an effective in stadium promotion is a        cost-effective, multi-dimensional advertising medium that can produce results beyond spinning the turnstyle.  In stadium promotional merchandise provides tangible brand value beyond the gate by: 

- Creating “buzz”

- Generating free advertising in the form of media coverage

- Promoting the club and sponsor through ongoing advertising    impressions

- Enhancing venue atmosphere

- Providing a tangible link to the organization and sponsor

- Evoking the memory of a positive gameday experience for years to    come



 Coming soon.  A day in the life of a bobblehead.

soon.  How a bobblehead is born