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Let him eat!

As he was being freed from a night in a NY jail, eating champ Takeru Kobayashi, stated that he was “tired and hungry.”  Well, not to worry Kobi! They are letting him eat!  After storming the Coney Island stage following Joey Chestnut’s Victory on the 4th of July, the Major League Eating commissioner stated that [...]

Are You Kidding Me?

Sepp Blatter’s contention that technology cannot be used in soccer because it cannot be applied at all levels of play is ludicrous.  It’s difficult to imagine that in the face of the multiple game-changing, blatantly incorrect calls in this year’s World Cup that FIFA won’t have replay in effect for 2014 qualifying… but FIFA is [...]

Golden State Marketing

The Golden State Warriors of Oakland have re-vamped their logo. The new logo has an “old school” “retro” feel (see 1966-1975 jersey below). Although no logo has ever been proven to improve a losing record (26-56 this past season), perhaps this logo can provide a much needed facelift to the hopeful squad. Here’s Warrior’s GM, [...]

Bon Voyage

France has always been known as a powerhouse in the world of soccer, nearly winning the 2006 Fifa World Cup with a stunning performance throughout the tournament by one of the greatest players of all time, Zinedine Zidane (yes that Zidane). But, in this 2010 World Cup we’ve seen a French side that is, well, [...]